How to get the NTSA Third License Sticker

NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority) has introduced a Third License Sticker that will be mandatory for newly registered vehicles, both new and used

The Third License Sticker is a security feature and will contain details such as:

  • Motor vehicles registration
  • Ownership details
  • Chassis number
  • Car make and model
  • Car registration number

According to NTSA, its implementation will prevent the interchanging of number plates. The Police will also apparently have scanners that will be able to read the details of the vehicles in the Third License Sticker.

To prevent tampering, the sticker will be automatically destroyed if anyone tries to remove it after it is placed on a car windshield.

The sticker will cost Ksh. 700. Application for the sticker will be on the NTSA TIMS website.

NTSA have intimated that they will share in due course how already registered cars will get the sticker.