How to Get your Safaricom PUK number

Safaricom PUK number is requested if you enter your pin n.o wrongly 3 consecutive times.
Another Working Safaricom Line
Your ID Number or Passport Number.
Remember your last top up amount.
There are 3 methods of getting your PUK number;
Method 1
Dial *100# (Use a working Safaricom Line.)
You will be directed to the selfcare Page. Dial 98 for More.
Dial 8 For get PUK Option
Enter the mobile number that you want to get it’s Safaricom PUK Number.
Enter you ID Number
Enter the Last airtime top up amount that you made.
The Pin will then be sent to the phone you’ve used for doing the procedure.

Method 2:Call Safaricom Customer care and they will assist.

Method 3:Go to any Safaricom shop with your ID and they will Unblock your Line