How to apply for a cerificate of good conduct in kenya online via eCitizen

If you are in Nairobi you must apply for the cerificate of good conduct online.
The process has the following easy steps:

1.Create an eCitizen account

2.On the directorate of crimininal investigations tab click on the tab “get service now”

3.Follow the instructions to apply for an adult or a minor.

4.Select mode of payment and pay for the police clearance
Cost is ksh 1050

5.Download and print two copies of your invoice and one copy of your C24 on both sides of an A4 paper

6.Presenr C24 and invoice copies and your original ID for an adult and a birth certificate for a minor to
Criminal Investigation Department headquaters for finger print process.
During the application one is able to select the date when you want your finger prints taken.