How to apply for KRA PIN online via iTAX in Kenya

Obtaining a KRA pin online is a 5 minutes process with this very few and easy steps:
1. Visit the Itax Website.
•Go to the itax website using this Link :
•Click on New registration

2: Fill e-registration Part.
•Tax Payer type select individual
•Mode of Registration

3: Fill e-registration of Individual.
In this one is required to fill in Basic information,Obligation Details,Source of Income details and E-agent Details.
Filling this details is simple following pointers will be helpful.

Basic Information.
Parts with a red star/asteric are the ones which are compulsory to fill.
Under Principal physical adress you will be asked your building n.o. If you don’t have one just fill in your estate name or Village name.

Obligation Part.
Under this part you will be asked to fill in your tax obligations.
For normal Employees or Self-employed Individuals select Income tax Resident Only and fill in the registration date.
Don’t fill anything else in that part.Proceed to the next step.

Source of Income details.
If you are an Employee select Employment Income
If you are Self employed select Business Income
If you are a Landlord or Land Lady select Rental Income
If you are a student or Not Employed select No in all of them

E-Agent Details.
For Individuals you don’t have to fill any part in this section.
Large companies or corporations which require an agent to fill their returns are the ones that will be required to fill the E-agent details.
After you’re done click submit

4: Email Confirmation
•You will be prompted to confirm your email address
•Click OK if the details are correct.
•A download link will appear.
•Click on the Link to download the KRA Certificate.
•After Downloading the document you can then print it