How to apply for Provisional Driving License online in Kenya

Provisional Driving licence are used before one gets an original driving licence and it expires in 3 months.

The procedure is as follows:
•Go to
•If you already have an account sign in by entering your ID Number and Password.If you don’t have an account create an account.
•Click on NTSA Get Services now.
•Click Submit application.
•Choose Driving License.
•The page that opens choose Provisional Driving License.
•Click Apply now.
•Choose the Vehicle classes that you want to apply for E.g A,B,C,D
•Fill the Applicant particulars e.g Surname ,Address,Email,Driving School.
•Verify your Detail
•Choose Payment Method e.g Airtel Money,Mpesa e.t.c and Pay 650 Ksh

How to Pay the Ksh 650 Provisional License by Using Mpesa
•Go to Mpesa
•Business n.o 206206.
•Enter Amount 650 ksh
•Enter Pin
•Wait For confirmation sms