How to download Saida Loan App on my phone

Saida interface isn’t user-friendly but manageable.Saida Loan Limits ranges from Ksh 600- Ksh 25,000. Saida Loan Repayment period is within 1 month.

How to Get Saida Loan 2018. 
  • Download Saida Loan App from your play store
  • Open Saida App
  • Click on Open Saida Permissions.[Give Saida App all the Permissions.]
  • Click on Continue after giving Saida App the Permissions.
  • Click Get Started then enter your Phone Number on the Pop-up that Appears.
  • Create Your Saida Account [Enter your Name, ID Number and Email]
  • If you’re New to Saida Click on Check Now then Answer the questions they’ll ask you.
  • After answering the questions you will Receive a YES or DECLINE response after an Hour.