How to file KRA income returns tax online via iTAX in Kenya.

1: Visit the iTax Website

•Go to the itax website using this Link :
•Enter your iTax Pin/User ID.
•Key in your Password
•Key in the Security stamp
•Log in

2: E-returns Information Filling

•Click on returns then choose File Returns.
•Fill in the Information as Follows
Type: Self
Taxpayer Pin: Enter your KRA Pin
Tax Obligation:Income Tax Resident Individual
•Click Next

3 :Income Tax Resident Individual Form

•Download the Income Tax Resident Individual Form (Excel)
•Fill in the Excel Form you downloaded
•After you’ve finished filling the excel Form Upload the form on the KRA Portal.
•Agree to the terms and Conditions.
•Click on Submit to File Returns.

4: Final Step

•You will get a notification saying that your return has been Submitted.
•You can then download the receipt for viewing and Filling.