How to load money with CBA Loop Account.

Loop Account is a fully digital management application that helps you manage your finances, loans and investments.
Customers will be able to top up their Loop account in the following ways;

1. MPESA Pay bill 714777 – Go to your M-PESA account then using the Paybill number 714777 , and your mobile phone number as your account number to complete the transaction.

2. Transfer from another Loop Account– if your friend has a loop account, it’s easier, log in to your loop account using your mobile application and click on the MENU Icon on left side of the app, a dashboard of services offered by loop will pop up. Select the first option which is send money. Select if you want to send the money to a mobile or account or a bank account. Since its loading a Looper account you will select mobile, then send the money via loop. Fill in the recipients’ details, amount to send and click send.

3. Transfer from a CBA Account– This is for CBA account holders. Log in to your CBA Bank account using the CBA Bank app and select from the listed money transfer options.

4. Wire transfer from other Banks (EFT or RTGS) – With this option you can do an electronic funds transfer or a real time gross settlement to your loop account from your bank account.

5. Cash deposit at any CBA Bank –Lastly, you can visit any CBA Bank branch and ask the tellers to help you load your account with cash.