How to make payment from your CBA Loop Account.

To make your payments on loop account
Log in to your loop account via your mobile application
Click on the MENU Icon on left side of the app, a dashboard of services offered by loop will pop up.
Select the second option named Paybill or the third option (vertically) titled Buy Goods depending on what payment you want to make.

To those Paying bills,
Click on the second option, and then search your business number or name. To make your work easier. Loop has already listed a number of common services that you might be using i.e DSTV, GOTV, JamboJet, Safaricom and Airtel Pre-paid Airtime, Nairobi Water, Zuku Fiber, Single Business Permit, Seasonal Parking, Jambo Pay Land rates, Daily Parking, Jambo pay NHIF, KPLC Pre and Post-paid and last but not least, Star times.
Once you enter services , the application will request for your account number with the biller and the amount to debit from your account. Once you are done, you will be requested to select a category of your service and then prompted to proceed on the next step.
A message to confirm that you are about to make a payment of x money to x shop or vendor will pop up.
Once you review it as authentic, proceed to make your payment.

Those Buying goods,
The services are less or more the same. Loop is currently doing an upgrade on this option and once they are done we will update you!