How to obtain a Higher Education loans Board(HELB) clearance certificate in Kenya.

This clearance form obtained from HELB offices in Kenya, located on 18th floor of Anniversary Towers on University Way, Opposite University Of Nairobi in Nairobi town.
Those Kenyans who benefited through the HELB loan during their university or college study periods in Kenya, will be requested to fill a certain form just to commit yourself or provide a cheque to clear the loans board debt in Kenya.
Those Kenyans who never obtained HELB loans during their university or college studies in Kenya, are required to fill a certain form and attach following copies:
A letter by the Kenyan applicant confirming they did not receive university loan in Kenya.
Copy of your high school examination certificates,
Certified copy of graduation certificates,
Copy of national ID,
A bank slip of ksh. 1000 paid to: HELB Operations: ACCOUNT NO. 1104 823 047 KCB University Way Branch Nairobi.NOTE only the name and ID NO. of the applicant should be indicated on the deposit slip
This process of obtaining HELB clearance form in Kenya only take one day, the day of application, to be completed and for a Kenyans to be issued with the certificate.