How to pay for HELB Loan using PESA POINT ATM

Once you at the ATM;On the ATM Machine

1.Insert ATM card in the card slot

2.Remove ATM card from the slot

3.Select language

4.Enter your secret PIN number

5.Select ”pay bill” button to proceed to the next screen

6.Enter the code shown for HELB option as 5006

7.Enter your HELB account number as your national ID number and confirm

8.Enter your mobile no.(this will allow HELB to contact you if required)

9.Enter the product you wish to pay for(undergraduate or postgraduate)

10.Enter the amount you wish to pay for your loan

11.The ATM will give you a receipt acknowledging payment for your HELB loan once the transsction is successfully completed.
NOTE:please allow up to three days for the update to be affected on your loan account