How to register an Employer for National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF)

The employer is responsible for making deductions and submitting to NHIF by the due date,ie is the 9th of every month.
•A Penalty of five (5) times amount of contributions due will be levied for late payment payable by the employer
•All payments for contributions must be accompanied by payroll information showing individual employee’s contributions paid.

Download the Application for Employers Registration Form (NHIF form 33) from the NHIF website.
Fill out all the details on the application.(Leave out the Employer’s/Organized Group/Sponsors Code as this will be issued after registration).
Print out the application form and the supporting documents in TRIPLICATE and take these to the NHIF headquarters.
Other documents needed:
.•3 copies Certificate of Registration
•3 copies TAX PIN Certificate
If you have pre-filled all the documents, hand them over at the registration desk. The registration officer will ask for your location and hand your documents over to the inspecting officer in your area of business.

The inspection officer is meant to register you and pass by your office for an inspection in a matter of days, since this will never happen, the practical thing is that at a later date you visit the NHIF office and queue at the customer care line to get a print out of your company registration and a print out of any contributions you have made.
Official certification for NHIF registration will only come out after the company has made it’s 3rd contribution.
Once you have the NHIF number you can now start submitting your monthly NHIF returns for your employees.