How to register an Employer with National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

The NSSF act of 1989 states that you are required to register for NSSF no later than 21 days of employing the first staff member of the company (ie before the first payroll payment).
Failure to do this within the required 21 days puts you at risk of being fined since the monetary cost of being NSSF compliant is very minimal and the fine for not being compliant is quite high (5x the missing payment), it is highly recommended that you register.

Download the Employer Application Form from the NSSF website.
Fill out all the details on the application form as precisely as possible
Print out the application form and the supporting documents in TRIPLICATE and take these to the nearest NSSF office.
Other documents to also carry in triplicate:
•3 copies Certificate of Incorporation
•3 copies City Council Certificate
•3 copies National ID/ Passport
The registration officer will handle the registration and issue you with the Employer No./Code.Never to lose this number as it is what you will use to make all your NSSF contributions.
The registration officer will then advise you on how to get your NSSF Certificate (either via post, which will take up to 3 weeks or you personally pick it from their offices the day after registration.)