How to use an ETR Machine in kenya

All those supplying taxable goods or taxable services or both are required to acquire ETR machines.

How to Make a Sale
Switch on displays 1…
Press Total Displays 0.00
Enter Total Amount (VAT Inclusive)
NB: You can only void a sale before pressing Total, after entering the amount press D1 or D2, followed by VD Mode Button and then Total twice.
Add 2 Zeros
Press 1. for VAT Inclusive (16 %)
Press 2. for Non VATABLE
Finish by pressing Total
Press sh then qty for receipt copy
Incase the ETR machine displays error 38, do a z-report 1st or displays error 3, check whether you are in the correct mode. Press Cancel to clear the error.

How to Make Daily Z Report
Switch on
Press VD Mode button till it displays 3…
Press Total Displays 0
Press Total – Again Displays [00
Press [00 as displayed

How to Make Monthly Z Report
Switch on
Press VD MODE button till it displays 5…
Press total displays F 0
Press 11 STL displays d-b(n 0
Put start date i.e. ddmmyy
Press QTY displays d-End 0
Put end date i.e ddmmyy
Finish by pressing VD MODE