How to withdraw Money from Mpesa via ATM.

Most Mpesa withdrawals are done from mpesa Agents.However, at times you find that the Agents don’t have the amount of money you wish to withdraw or cant transact for not having your ID.
In such situations you just go to the nearest ATM and Withdraw your Mpesa money via the ATM.
The Following Banks Offer Mpesa Withdrawal Services at their ATM
Equity Bank.
Family Bank
NIC Bank
Diamond Trust Bank

Open Mpesa then Choose Withdraw Cash
Choose From ATM
Enter the Agent Number as 555555 used in the following ATMS: Diamond Trust Bank,Pesapoint,KCB,NIC,Family Bank) Equity Bank ATM Agent No will be 286286
You will then put your Mpesa Pin
You will then receive a Message From Mpesa which contains a secret 6 digit code.The code will be used to withdraw your Money From the ATM. N/B: The code Expires after 10 minutes.

At the ATM Machine this is what to do inorder to withdraw your Money From Mpesa
Choose the Mpesa button or Option on the ATM Machine
Choose the language you want. (English or Kiswahili)
Enter your 6 Digit Secret code.
In Put your Safaricom Number
Enter the amount of Money you want to withdraw from your Mpesa Account.
Click continue for the transaction to be processed.
You will then receive your Cash and receipt.