How to withdraw money from Paypal to Equity Bank in Kenya

1.Go to Equity Bank’s PayPal Withdrawal page. Click Withdraw from Paypal.
2.From the pop-up screen, select between for Me and for my business. If you are a freelancer, click for me.
3.Enter your Equity Bank account number. Double-check it is the correct account number before pressing the Submit button.
4.Equity Bank sends an email to the email address you used to open both the bank account and PayPal account. The E-mail will have an OTP (a one-time password which is valid for only one login session) that expires in 10 minutes and can only be used for 3 login attempts.
Open your email and copy-paste the OTP code. Press Submit button to proceed.
5.Enter your Personal Details. For the initials, enter the initials of your official names—e.g. SM for Stephen Myname.The amount to withdraw should not exceed your PayPal amount and should be in USD. Equity Bank will quote an updated exchange rate to convert from dollars to Kenya Shillings. Equity Bank’s PayPal-Dollar to Ksh exchange rate is much better than the many websites that are offering PayPal to Mpesa direct withdrawals, but with Equity Bank you get the money after 5-8 business days.
6.After entering the personal details and pressing Submit, you will get a Quote showing the PayPal Email Address, Equity Account to transfer money to, Amount to withdraw, the exchange rate, Equity Bank’s commission and how much you will receive into your Equity Bank account. You need to accept the withdrawal quote by clicking the acceptance check box to proceed. Exchange rate depends on the current Kenya Shilling to US Dollar exchange rate. The 1.5% commission by Equity Bank is fixed for whatever amount you will be withdrawing.